I'm Shy

In a weird way, I'm really shy. When I first meet people, I do a lot of observing and listening, and very little talking. Once I get to know people, I open up and my personality comes out.
But on a blog, that's hard, and I think it's holding me back. I'm being shy on my blog.....hesitant to really open up and show everyone my true self. I'm kind of polite and kind and quiet. I'm in that "I don't really know you so I'm shy" mode. But I can't do that here! Because how will I ever get to my comfort zone? I won't......because as long as I don't open up, nobody else will either and my blog will just probably fizzle out.
So, that's my latest project.....work on opening up and really sharing my life and my true, weird, sarcastic, goofy, dorky self.

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