It's Closing Time....

A girl walks into a bar.

She's there with her best friend and another friend.  When she goes to the bar, a very friendly drunken shitshow girl starts talking to her.  Drunk Chick decides the girl is her new BFF.  Alrighty then!  They do a Fireball shot together.  Yum!

Then the girl sees a Cute Guy.  They smile and say Hi, then the girl goes back to her table.  Of course, her new BFF, Drunk Chick, follows.  So the girl tells the Drunk Chick to tell the Cute Guy to come sit at their table.

And he does!

So the girl is trying to talk to the Cute Guy but the Drunk Chick is also hitting on the Cute Guy.  Finally, frustrated with the distraction, Cute Guy informs Drunk Chick that the Girl is actually his girlfriend.  They're getting married June 24th.  But they go to bars and pretend to be strangers occasionally, to keep the spice in their relationship.

The girl jumps right in and plays along, telling Drunk Chick that their wedding color is purple and the flowers are lillies.  And that she and Cute Guy have been together for two years.

"But how do you not get mad when girls like me hit on your man?" Drunk Chick inquires.

"I know he's always coming home with me," replies the girl.
"Of course I am...look at her, she's beautiful!" adds Cute Guy.

Drunk Chick totally believes every word of it. She said she KNEW Cute Guy & the girl had something special!  She put the wedding date on her phone calendar.  She plans to attend.

When the bar closed, the Cute Guy asked the Girl for her phone number.  "Of course!"  she said.  "How else can we finalize our wedding plans?"

Yep - it's a true story!


Tammie said...

ha! i love it!

Tara R. said...

That is hilarious! I hope there is a second chapter to the story.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I.LOVE.IT! A new true story or a blast from the past???

WhisperingWriter said...

Haha so funny!