What the Duck?!

I was driving home from work yesterday, tired but happy because I was going to see Heather & Hayleigh and get some baby snuggle time. I was cruising along, singing along with the radio, and I noticed a bird in the road in front of me. Usually, they fly away before I get too close, but this one didn't move. As I swerved around it, I realized it was a duck. In the middle of the highway, in the middle of cow pastures.

WTD? (what the duck?!?)

It seemed to be trying to get out of the road, but it wasn't able to. I quickly made a U-turn and pulled the car over. I was hoping to help him off of the road, and maybe call a Wildlife Officer to help the poor little guy out. As I was walking towards the duck, a truck came around the corner.
"Please don't squish him, please don't squish him," I thought. Fortunately, the truck was in the outside lane, and the duck was in the inside lane.

I was almost there, walking through the grassy median, when two vehicles came around the corner. A truck on the outside lane, and a VW Beetle on the inside lane.
"Please don't squish him, please don't squish hiNOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

And in a flurry of feathers, the duck was no more.
The driver didn't even try to swerve, and didn't even tap his brakes! He just zoomed right by us.
Mother Ducker!!!

Seriously, I was mortified. It was awful. I just stood there for a minute, stunned, then slowly walked back to my car.

Fuck a duck.


ChiTown Girl said...

Oh my freakin' hell!!! What the HELL is wrong with people!!?

Poor little duck. Well, I'm going to choose to believe that the poor little guy was already injured in some way, and that assbag that ran him over put him out of his misery.

The guy is still an assbag, though.

diane rene said...

:( so not right ...

I was coming off the freeway and down the ramp when the wind blew some leaves into my path, only one of the leaves wasn't ... I felt a tiny crunch under my wheel, looked back and saw a little squirrel tail flapping behind me. it haunted me for days

Helene said...

OMG, that is so horrible!! Thank God the driver didn't hit you too! That poor duck!!

C said...

i ditto chitown... what a dirty bastard... i HATE people who hurt animals or dont give a crap if they hit them or not...