.virtual coffee.

Happy Tuesday, my friends. It is WAY too hot for coffee, even the {virtual} kind, down here in the Sushine State, where Spring lasts for, oh, about 5 minutes. But I'll be glad to pour you a glass of sweet tea, or if you'd prefer, I'll even give you one of my cans of Diet Dr Pepper. And that, my friends, is true love.

Did you watch The Bachelorette last night? I am not even sure where to begin; which was worse, the guy who wore the mask the entire time, or the guy who got completely trashed and had to be practically carried to the limo?
And Bentley....ohhh, Bentley. Drama before the show even begins. First, let's discuss Bentley's daughter's name. I'm still hoping they just changed it for the show, to protect her real identity, because how could two adults agree to name a child Cozy?
Seriously? Cozy? That poor child will be teased for her entire life.
And then, in the sneak peeks of later episodes, he reveals himself to be the douchebag that Ashley was warned about. Seems like she should have listened!

Enough of that. I'm not quite sure if I can watch it this season. I'm very busy with my Wars. I'm really not a violent person, but I'm very into War shows right now. Cupcake Wars, Parking Wars, Storage Wars...if there is a War involved, I'm probably going to be watching. If there's food involved, that's even better.

Speaking of food, my vegetable garden is growing beautifully. Not producing yet, but thriving. I can't wait to eat the results! Our neighbors brought us over a huge bag of squash last week (as well as another dozen of farm-fresh eggs). We went through that stuff in a couple of days.

And yes, we still absolutely love our new place, thanks for asking. We have a beautiful gray fox hanging around now. We see him late at night. I guess he shares the woods with the rabbits, wild turkeys, deer, and chupacabras that seem to call this place home.

On another note, Andrew got a reprieve from seeing BM this past weekend. His soccer tournaments, which were out of town, coincided with the scheduled visit. On advice of our attorney, John called to offer a different time and place. It was refused, and subsequent phone messages to try to work something out were ignored. The time and place are flexible per the Judge's orders, and we did our part to try to make arrangements, so we're in the clear. Andrew was so incredibly relieved.

Do you have any fun plans going on for Memorial Day? We don't; it kind of snuck up on us.

Well, I guess I need to get up and get something done around here.

I hope you enjoyed your icy cold beverage. Have a great week, and go visit Lucky Number 13 for more {Virtual} Coffee.


Diane said...

The Bachelorette was on here after Dancing With The Stars last night but when I came back from putting my son to bed, my husband was flipping through the channels. He could stomach it no more!

Amy said...

I don't like the bachelorette. Sorry. My 16 year old loves storage wars. LOL

Glad Andrew got a break from dealing with crazy.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I pray Cozy is a code name. Can you even imagine??

I want a veggie garden..but already know it would die...so I'll just come shop at your house. ;)

Happy Tuesday!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I never watch that show but I've heard crazy things about it!

I so need to get my rear in gear with my veggies. Been a nutty few months!

Wow sometimes ppl just amaze me, good for you for sticking to everything and put the hand out even if it is smacked back :(

No big plans we just hopefully not getting rained out :(. Here in WA is been raining a lot, so hot coffee is something that is keeping me warm.

I clink my cup to your cold one :)

Whitney said...

I love Storage Wars and Parking Wars!
No plans for Memorial Day weekend so far. Not fair really that we live so far away from Busch Gardens. It would be nice to use our Military free pass this weekend.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Didn't watch the Bachelorette.
The chupacabras is very ugly!
Glad Andrew got a break from seeing his BM. We don't have plans. It snuck up on us too.

Myya said...

Ahhh I feel like I just had morning coffee with you... or ok Diet Dr Pepper since you don't wanna give me coffee. :)

Don't watch he Bachelorette, sounds nice & juicy though. Cozy... SERIOUSLY???

LOVE Cupcake Wars!!! I wish I could taste them all... ok well maybe not the weird ingredients ones LOL.

YAY for your garden, that is awesome. I wish I was good at growing stuff. Sadly most things die when left in my care... plants that is, my kids are alive & well.

Awesome about Andrew. You guys do what you have to do & hopefully this will all work itself out, even better if it works her out of the picture for a while till he is ready. oops, did I just say that?

Nothing planned for Monday, but this weekend is my girls ballet recital. A whole lot of cuteness will be going on! Can't wait!!!

Have a great weekend!

Martha (MM) said...

I'm in Florida too!
Stop by my virtual beach party for a cold one :-)