Wordful Wednesday Weekend WrapUp

Say that three times fast!
Yeah, I know, it's already Thursday AND I'm way late on my Weekend WrapUp. But I'm always late. That's how I roll.
This post is going to be wordful and picture-ful. I have lots to share!

On Friday night, we had Shelbie's 14th Birthday party. I gave them the camera and they apparently forgot they are teenage girls, because they took very few pictures! But I did get a couple.

I get her a monkey every year for our birthday. She loves them and it's our little thing!

She said she wanted to highlight her hair for her birthday, so we got her highlighters. She doesn't seemed pleased, oddly enough. Teenage girls; who can figure them out?!

On Saturday, both our town and our neighboring town had a Christmas Parade. Ours is during the day, the neighboring town has theirs at night. The weather held out for us; it rained much of the day but was mostly clear for the parades, with a little bit of misting.

Our day parade...

...and their night parade. (yes, theirs is cooler, I know.)

And now, let me tell you about Sunday. After church, we went to the site of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition which was being done in the town near us. Both of the older kids were at parties, but the little ones went with us and we had a blast! We also went back on Monday for the big reveal.

Ty Pennington on the roof. The girl in front of us screamed "I LOVE YOU TY!", so he was waving at her.
and this is him on the roof, pretending to do some work for the cameras!

This is Paulie, greeting the Gator mascots, Albert and Alberta.

Paulie was super-friendly and posed for pics with Elayna and Andrew!

Here, Paulie is chatting with Andrew.

This is Eduardo, Ty, Paulie, and Didi, standing in front of the house.

Alberta giving Andrew a hug.

Didi signing Andrew's shirt on Monday.

The Gator Marching Band.

Alberta entertaining the kids....as you can see we were FRONT ROW of the crowd!

...the house...

Ty, watching the limo pull up with the family inside...

this is the limo pulling up with the family!

And this is the family waiting for them to MOVE THAT BUS!

This is the family just after seeing their new home for the first time!

I can't wait to see the inside of the house when the show airs in February. We had a really good time, and Paulie and Didi were especially friendly. It was a unique experience for all of us and I'm really glad we did it!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

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Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Ok first off the highlighter thing was HILARIOUS!!!! ANd I love that you give her a monkey every year!

Loved the Extreme makeover photos....I love Ty. I got all choked up looking at the pictures. I'm for sure going to have to watch in February now. Maybe we will see you in the crowd!!

Thanks for sharing all of these!

Tara R. said...

I love EHM! It's great to find out the crew is just as nice in person as they seem on the show. I'll be watching in February.

Happy belated bday to Shelbie! I don't understand her reaction to the highlighters either. Kids? What can ya do?

Kat said...

That is so cool! How exciting! :) I love all the pics.
And I love Shelbie's highlighters. :)

Tater Tot Mom said...

Those highlighters are cracking me up! So funny!

We had an Extreme house done near us that already aired but we didn't get a chance to get over there when they were doing it.

Sounds like you had a busy but fun weekend!

mommaof4wife2r said...

that is super special! i had paulie figured as a guy who would just stop and talk to kids...and how wonderful for your kids to share in the joy of someone else getting their gift! awesome. thanks for the pics...i kinda felt like i was right there!

shortmama said...

Love the highlighters...totally something we would do!

So jealous about the EM Home Edition! Will have to look for you in the crowd!

Karen in Texas said...

What a wonderful weekend Cyndy. I can't believe Shelbie is 14 now. Cute with the highliters. I got to remember that to pull on somebody sometime.

Unknown Mami said...

Highlighters! Very funny.

I love the pics from your Home Extreme Make Over adventure.

Bill and Lorie Shewbridge said...

I love the Highlighters for her hair - that is hysterical!! She looks like she is totally annoyed!
What a great thing to take your little ones to - the Extreme Make-Over, I would love to go to one of those. I look for you during the TV show in February.
Sounds like you had a great weekend.