Letters to Someone

Dear Mom,
You are a sweet lady, and I love you dearly. But that Christmas sweater? Really?? (sigh) All I can say is...

Your Loving Daughter

Dear Shelbie,
Oh, sweet daughter of mine who is about to turn 14. I have arranged for your younger siblings to be out of the house for your sleepover party. I will not, however, send your 16 year old brother to a babysitter. He's just not going to go for that.
PLEASE do not make me even more insane Friday night,

Dear Elayna,
I know it's exciting to listen to your sister plan her birthday party. But your birthday is well over a month away. We really don't have to have every.single.detail planned out yet. I promise. Srsly. (although our theme is going to be a BLAST - more to come on that!)
Losing it,

Dear Weatherman,
We have two Christmas Parades that we would really love to attend this weekend. Please, please make the rain go away!
Much Appreciated,

Dear DBD,

That is all.

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Mommy, I'm Home said...

It must be letter writing day in Blogland. I wrote one to the PTO at my daughter's school and posted it to my blog today as well....

Anonymous said...

No pic of you in your Christmas sweater?

Hope the sleepover is a great success and you survive the weekend. Happy Birthday to Shelbie!

marymac said...

LOVE that we are both celebrating Ugly Christmas Sweater Day today on our blogs! (even tho it's isn't snowing on my blog like yours...jealous!!)
Embrace the Ugly!
:) xo

Noelle said...

mmmmm...good luck to you on friday with a house full of 14 year old girls. oh yeah, and one 16 year old boy. i would not be you that night for anything. hahahah

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I love it! Can't wait to hear about the party. And try to get a picture of that sweater.

shortmama said...

My oldest has a birthday coming up too....in March and she is already planning it!

Helene said...

Oh yes, the Christmas sweater has to be make its appearance every year or it just isn't the same!!

Hope the b-day party was fun!

Kat said...

Hehehe. Fun. :)