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When I found Sasha at the shelter (through Petfinder.com), I was looking for a dog who would be a "Mama's girl". I have a female dog who I adore, she is my heart dog. But she's not a lap dog, not super-cuddly, doesn't devotedly follow me around.
I guess I should be careful what I wish for........poor Sasha is sooo attached to me. She has seperation anxiety when I'm not there. Even if the rest of the family is at home, she cries and watches out the window for me. My poor baby! I'm going to get a carrier and take her with me anywhere that it's reasonable for her to go.
Yep, I'm going to be one of "those" people.
While I'm on the subject of dogs, I want to talk about Puppy Mills. For many years I'd never even heard of them. Once I did and found out what they are, I was so shocked, and horrified. Now I want to educate other people about them, and plead with everyone to NEVER buy an animal from a Pet Store. Puppy mills are real, they exist, and in some cases they are even LEGAL. If you want more information about Puppy Mills, please visit www.stoppuppymills.com, and watch the videos.

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Jenny is Live & In Color said...

My husband didn't know the reputation of pet stores and surprised me by bringing home a puppy from one last year. I love my zachy (long hair mini doxie), but he was malnourished and sick. He got our other dogs sick as well. We spent more money than I want to admit to get them all healthy.

I've also not been able to crate train him, because he'll just 'go' in it and than eat it.

We tell people that we 'rescued' him from the local pet store.